Course Duration : 2 Years

Qualification Requirement : Minimum Class 8th Pass

This trade is meant for the candidates who aspire to become professional welder. The duration of the trade is one year under Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS).

In engineering industry. Joining of different types of metal Is necessary to make various components parts having different shapes.

Very heavy thick plates used in heavy industries, space ships, atomic power generation, thin-walled containers for storing chemicals etc. can be joined easily at a lower cost with good joint strength by using welding. A welded joint is the strongest joint of all the other types of joints, the efficiency of a welded joint is 100% Whereas the efficiency of other types of joint are less than 70%. So, All industries are using welding for the fabrication of various structures.

Welding is metal joining method in which the joining edges are heated and fixed together to form permanent joint.