Course Duration : 2 Years

Qualification Requirement : Minimum Class 10th Pass

It is very important trade under craftsman training scheme (CTS) The product of an industry such as Bicycle, Motorcycle, Diesel & Automobile vehicles, Train & Railway wagons, Ships & Vessels, Road Rollers, Dumpers, Lifts & Elevators, Aeroplanes, Light & Heavy Machineries, Rocket etc are Assembled by the technicians of Fitter Trade directed by Directorate General of Training (GET) under Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.

It is an apex organization for development and Coordination of the Vocational training of the employable youth in the Country and to provide skilled manpower to the economy. DGT affiliated Institution offers a wide range of training courses catering to the needs of Different segments in the Labour Market. Courses are available in the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIS) and Polytechnics. ITIS & Polytechnics also Conducts training-oriented research and develops industrial media Packages for the use of trainees and instructors. DGT acts a secretariat and Implementing arm of National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) Fitter Craftsmen are specialist mechanical engineering trades persons. In heavy and medium engineering, even after of use of automatic machines with Good accuracy, further machining or bench-work and fitting by hand are Needed to finish the metal work to the desired accuracy and then assemble It with other parts.

Fitters perform various operations on small metal pieces (e.g., Mild Steel) like filing, marking, sawing, chipping, scraping, grinding, Drilling, reaming, tapping and die-in to bring them to desired sizes and Shapes, and then precisely be fitted in assembly using information of Fits and Tolerances. In this course, apart from Fitting, students are also taught the allied trades viz., Turning, Welding, Fabricating, Forging and Plumbing.