Course Duration : 2 Years

Qualification Requirement : Minimum Class 10th Pass

Electrician Trade under craftsman training scheme (CTS) is one of the most Popular trade delivered nationwide through the network of it is. There are two Professional classification in electrician trade based on National Code of Occupation (NCO) as I) Electrician General II) Electrical Fitter.

  • Electrician General installs, maintains and repair electrical machinery, Equipment’s and fittings in factories, workshops, power houses, business and residential premises etc.

Studies drawings and other specifications electrical circuits, installations, etc. Positions and installs electrical motor, transformers, switchboards, Microphones, loud-speakers and other electrical equipment’s, fittings and Lighting fixtures. Makes connections and solder terminals, testes electrical Installations and equipment’s and locates faults using megger, test lamp etc.

Repairs or replaces defective wiring, burnt out fuses and defective parts and Keeps fittings and fixtures in working order. May operate, attend and maintain Electrical motors, pumps etc.

  • Electrical Fitter fits and assembles electrical machinery and equipment’s Such as motors, transformers, generators, switch gears, fans etc.

Fits mechanical components, resistances, insulators, etc. As per specification, follows wiring diagrams, cheeks for continuity, resistance, circuiting shorting, Leakage, earthing etc. At each stage of assembly using megger, ammeter, Voltmeter and other appliances. Erects bus bars, panel boards, electrical post, Fuse boxes, switch gears, meters, relays etc.

Installs motors, generators, transformers etc. does prescribed electrical Wirings and connects to supply line. Locates faults in case of breakdown and Replaces blown out fuses, burnt coils, switches, conductors etc. As required.